Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Star Wars, Think Tanks, Greek Gods and Cabbage Heads

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Star Wars, Think Tanks, Greek Gods and Cabbage Heads

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Richard Burress, who spoke to the Economic Club of Oklahoma last week, told me that the Hoover Institution, of which he is associate director and senior fellow, was founded in 1919 by former president Herbert Hoover with $50,000. Today he says the "think tank" has 150 employees and an endowment of $90 million. It is supported entirely by grants from foundations, corporations and individuals.

Burress predicts an upturn in the economy in the years ahead, but said the federal deficit must be balanced. He thinks "protectionism" legislation is dangerous because it would lead to retaliation by other countries and could start a trade war that could lead to a total collapse of the world's economic system.

And on the proposed "initiative defense system" (the so-called "Star Wars"), Burress says the plan, by destroying incoming missiles, could "save this country." "A president would have only two choices if an enemy missile was on its way," he says. "One would be to push the button and send our missiles, and the other would be to see our cities destroyed.". .

Hope I didn't break the law last weekend when I set my digital clock 11 hours ahead, instead of turning it back an hour. The silly thing won't go backward. . .Kaye Starr, who sang at a luncheon meeting of OCU alumni, apologized and said she is not used to singing until after dark. She was born in Daugherty, Okla.(wherever that is), and she was brought here by Stanton L. Young. . .It was newspaperman Henry Mencken, the sage of Baltimore, who said that being in love is to be in a perpetual stage of amnesia, to mistake an ordinary young man for a Greek god and an ordinary young woman for a goddess. . .

Dr. Mitchell Owens, president of the American Lung Association of Oklahoma, says the group raised close to $1 million last year. And I found out, at the annual meeting, that one does not smoke at such affairs. . .Paul Strasbaugh says 30 conventions, with 109,000 delegates, already are booked for the city during the centennial year of 1989. . .The average man goes to church six times a year and knows half a hymn. . .

Judge Joe Cannon showed up without a tuxedo at the "roast and toast" for my long-time friend Leland Gourley. …

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