New Cases before the District Court

Article excerpt

DIVORCE Received 12-17-85

FD-85-8999 thru FD-85-9001 - Dept of Human Servs.

FD-85-9003 & FD-85-9004 - Dept of Human Servs.

FD-85-9005 - Karri Lee Ann Stephens vs Kenneth Anthony Stephens; pro se; assg Judge Harney.

FD-85-9006 - Nell M Scherry vs Richard Julian Scherry; pro se; assg Judge Harney.

FD-85-9007 - Fred M Patterson vs Westola Patterson; John W Fagg atty: assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-9008 - Debra Ann Moerck vs Daniel Fredrick Moerck; Joseph L Wells atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-9009 - Mary Ruth Klein vs Lawrence Barry Klein; Raymond L Vaughn Jr atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-9010 - Richard Gilbert Libby Jr vs Sue Ellen Libby; Tesio & Tesio attys; assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-9011 - Gina Gwen Laney vs Joel La Moine Laney; Stu Preston atty; assg Judge Henderson.

FD-85-9013 - Carrie J Roberson vs Carl Roberson; Walter E Suttle atty; assg Judge Henderson. (attys lien claimed)

FD-85-9014 - Karen Renee Carter vs Timothy Rayburn Carter; Chris Eulberg atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-9015 - Kathryn L Wells vs Charles R Wells; Virgil C Black atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-9016 - Sally D Gilliam vs Robert L Gilliam; Virgil C Black atty; assg Judge Harney.

FD-85-9017 - Deborah J Moroney vs John W Moroney; Virgil C Black atty; assg Judge Harney. …


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