Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS DIVORCE Received 12-20-85 JFD-83-4504 - Snyder; memo of supplemental authority.

JFD-76-2841 - Goza: applic for cit.

FD-85-8165 - Johnson; pltfs ans to defts cross-pet.

FD-85-9078 - Underwood; affi & mot for ord.

FD-85-8470 - White vs Henderson; waiver, ent of appear & acknowledgment of paternity.

JFD-83-5575 - Williams; amend pet, pre-trial conference stmt of pltf.

FD-85-8654 - Jopling; memo to the ct.

FD-85-8626 - Melton; ans & cross-pet.

FD-85-9081 - Holt; affi for serv by pub, not by pub.

JFD-85-8620 - Reeves; disml w-o prej.

FD-85-8432 - Taylor; ans to cross-pet.

JFD-75-2743 - Bailey; appear bond.

JFD-75-931 - Garza; appear bond.

JFD-82-8944 - Rowan; same.

JFD-80-1894 - Scott; same.

JFD-78-1018 - Cain; garn ans.

FD-85-7546 - Cox; ans & cross complaint.

FD-85-8341 - Adams; ans.

JFD-78-3335 - Hornung; appear bond.

JFD-82-5559 - Quinn; applic for contempt cit.

JFD-80-4741 - Donnell; receipt & rel.

JFD-82-4451 - Jones; applic.

FD-85-8776 - Fisher; ent of appear and waiver.

FD-85-8448 - Threlkeld; same.

FD-85-3221 - Hibbard; same.

FD-85-8530 - Bohl; ans & cross pet.

FD-85-7949 - Todd; income assignment, ent of appear.

FD-85-6748 - Jetke; mut disml.

FD-85-8392 - Blamowski; ent of appear and waiver, affi regarding the unif child juris act.

JFD-85-3733 - Batdorf; appear bond. …

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