Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Promised Land That Is Yours

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Promised Land That Is Yours

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A Christian Science perspective.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the Bible is its promises - the stories of lives restored, of care assured in the form of safety and health.

There's one all-encompassing promise, which is particularly significant in light of longstanding strife between peoples over their homelands and even today's ongoing problem of home foreclosures. God's great encompassing promise speaks of a glory- filled kingdom to sustain us. Really, fulfillment of any of God's promises comes from what we discover of this kingdom or "promised land."

The patriarch Abraham is first recorded as hearing such a promise. God said: "Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee" (Genesis 12:1).

Later, God is recorded as saying to Moses, "Depart, and go up hence, thou and the people which thou hast brought up out of the land of Egypt, unto the land which I sware unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give it: And I will send an angel before thee; and I will drive out the Canaanite, the Amorite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite: Unto a land flowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 33:1-3).

It sounds as if Abraham was guided to - and his descendants were guided back to - merely a plot of ground, maybe with good soil and water springs. It also can sound as if others were to be deprived of this ground. But further Scriptural revelations paint a more meaningful picture - one that accommodates all humanity.

Moses realized that the homeland God promises us includes freedom from the strife of warring peoples. And, as Abraham sensed, it's free of the limitations marking human history. The promised land God reveals isn't one that's limited by human nature. It's actually the life set forth by our divine creator. Christ Jesus presented centuries later a life-transforming revelation: "The kingdom of God is within you." To me this means the promised land is not a particular place, but it's brought about from within consciousness. …

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