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By the time I arrived at D'Arcy Advertising in 1973, both KMOX Radio, led by Bob Hyland, and D'Arcy Advertising, bred by Jimmy Orthwein (a Busch descendent who later owned the New England Patriots), had decades of notable accomplishments behind them, much of it based on their mutual relationships with Anheuser-Busch. AB owned the St. Louis Cardinals, and KMOX was their flagship station, generating millions of Redbird fans throughout the Midwest, early on with Harry Caray, Jack Buck and Joe Garagiola, and later with Buck and Mike Shannon.

I grew up on Caray's legendary broadcasts ("It might be ... it could be ... it is! A home run! Ho-lee cow!") and graduated from the Univertsity of Missouri's School of Journalism when Marching Mizzou still played "When You Say Bud, You've Said It All" at halftime. When I joined the Budweiser team at D'Arcy, it was like getting to heaven without having to die first. By the time I moved to New York 10 years later I was responsible for all of D'Arcy's AB business - Budweiser, Michelob, Mich Light, Natural Light and corporate advertising. When we launched "This Bud's for You," we made advertising history.

Sharing the same building with KMOX just seemed right, and it was magic. You never knew who would be on the elevator with you. Buck, Hyland, Bob Costas (who back then was announcing the St. Louis Spirits), Mort Crowley, Jack Carney.

We shared Fando's bar, which was connected to our building.

Early on, there was a direct partnership between KMOX and D'Arcy. With D'Arcy's Dolan Walsh at the lead, the agency put together what remains to this day one of the country's largest MLB radio networks. Market by market, Dolan brought dozens of stations into the KMOX network to carry St. Louis Cardinal baseball games. He was instrumental in hiring Buck for the Cardinals broadcast team in 1954.

When Walsh died, Anheuser-Busch, KMOX, Cardinals and D'Arcy alums gathered to pay tribute - and stand in honor as one of his grandchildren carried a silver tray down the aisle with a long-neck bottle of Budweiser and a pilsner glass.

One late night in Fando's, where a couple of us had helped to grow Budweiser's market share in a single sitting, Costas regaled us with his imitations of Art Fern, a Johnny Carson character. …


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