Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

How Measures Fared; Here Are Some of the Measures Considered by the Missouri Legislature This Session

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

How Measures Fared; Here Are Some of the Measures Considered by the Missouri Legislature This Session

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Veterans homes - Shifts $30 million from casino entrance fees to veterans homes and allots $35 million from tobacco settlement to preschool programs. Also prohibits establishment of a rating system for preschools. (HB1731)

Nonpartisan court plan - Asks state voters to amend constitution to give governor more control over selection of appellate judges. (SJR51)

Probation - Aims to keep certain nonviolent offenders out of prison by letting probation officers order short jail stays for probation violations and shortening the supervisory period for offenders who follow the rules. (HB1525)

Arch tax - Lets residents in St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County vote on raising sales tax by three-sixteenths of a cent to overhaul Gateway Arch and fund other area parks. (HB1504)

Charter schools - Expands charter schools statewide under certain conditions and strengthens accountability standards. (SB576)

Workers' compensation - Prevents employees from suing co-workers for work-related injuries. (HB1540)

Billboards - Allows for replacement of billboards that are displaced in road construction projects and opens the state to more digital billboards. (SB607)

Health care exchange - Prohibits the establishment of a state- based health insurance exchange unless the exchange is established by a legislative act, initiative petition or referendum. Voters will decide in November. (SB464)

Cellphones - Protects cellphone users from unsolicited calls by allowing mobile numbers to be added to the No-Call List. (HB1549)

Sales tax on cars - Reinstates local sales taxes on out-of-state purchases of motor vehicles even if cities and counties do not have a use tax. (HB1329)

Rabies - Requires dog and cat owners to show proof of rabies vaccination or surrender their pets when rabies exposure is suspected. (SB566)

Administrative rules - Require periodic reviews of state administrative rules. (SB469)

Higher education - Requires the state coordinating board to implement policies that make it easier to transfer credits. (HB1042)

Liquor - Modifies definition of a franchise between alcohol wholesalers and suppliers. (SB837)

Jayhawk license plates - Bars the state from issuing University of Kansas-themed license plates without special permission from the Legislature. (HB1042)

Pain management - Requires certain chronic pain management procedures to be performed only by licensed physicians. (SB682)

Crack cocaine - Lowers mandatory sentencing for crack cocaine offenses to align with that for powder cocaine (SB628)

Circuit clerk - Changes the St. Louis Circuit Clerk position from elected to judge-appointed. (SB628)

Liquor at Lambert - Allows alcoholic drinks to be served as early as 4 a.m. at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. (HB1498)

Contraception - Allows employers to refuse health insurance coverage for services that go against their religious or moral beliefs including abortion, contraception and sterilization. (SB749)

Child care - Tightens restrictions on unlicensed child care facilities and establishes a new child-care subsidy program. (HB1323)

Sex offenders - Requires the Joint Committee on the Missouri Criminal Code to study which offenses should be removed from registry.(SB628)

Agriculture - Requires agriculture employees who videotape suspected animal abuse acts to turn the recordings over to law enforcement within 24 hours, among other provisions. (SB631).

Radioactive waste - Changes the fee schedule for companies transferring radioactive waste across the state. (HB1251)

Gambling - Extends the license renewal period for some excursion gambling boat operators. (HB1644)

Transportation hardship - Allows student transfers if the school in the student's district is at least 17 miles away and the school in another district is at least seven miles closer. …

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