Boy Band Trend Soars with Mindless Behavior; the Young Men Are Intent of Delivering a Solid Show for Their No. 1 Girls

Article excerpt

It's probably safe to say that teen boy group Mindless Behavior might be a little girl crazy, from its album "#1 Girl," songs "#1 Girl," "My Girl" and "Mrs. Right," and the new "#1 Girl" tour coming to the Fox Theatre this weekend.

"The tour is really about us looking for our No. 1 girl," Mindless Behavior's Ray Ray says. "We're still all single, and we're very interested in girls. We're getting older."

Girls might also be a little crazy for Mindless Behavior, whose members are in their mid- and early teens. Ray Ray, 15, says the group once saw a young female fan in Milwaukee run into an intersection directly in front of the group's tour bus to get a glimpse of her idols.

It just comes with fame.

"This is what I asked for; this is what I dreamed about," Ray Ray says. "Now that it's coming to reality, it's amazing. But I never thought a person would do something like that."

BET viewers might have thought that the group, which also includes Princeton, Prodigy and Roc Royal, was crazy after the recent BET Awards, when the group, presenting an award with comedian Mike Epps, fell into a bit of controversy. Ray Ray dissed Lauryn Hill on the heels of news regarding her tax problems.

"I was reading the script from the teleprompter," Ray Ray says. "I had to follow along."

He adds: "I didn't expect it to get as big as it did. ... We respect Lauryn Hill and her whole movement, the Refugees. They helped pave the way. I called BET live and apologized. Hopefully that clears that up."

But it will take more than a bad joke to stop Mindless Behavior's momentum. It is part of a miniexplosion of boy bands that includes One Direction, the Wanted and Big Time Rush. …


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