Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Readers in a Rush to Judge Comment about Comedians; LIFE SHERPA

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Readers in a Rush to Judge Comment about Comedians; LIFE SHERPA

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As promised last week, I am going to spend today's time and space to respond to those who objected to a portion of a recent column.

On May 6, I wrote the following political comment:

"It irks me when people parrot things they hear from Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller and Stephen Colbert while having a serious political debate. They're comedians, and their elevation to the level of political expert speaks volumes about the dumbing-down of a society. Laugh with them, enjoy their shtick, but try reading Charles Krauthammer or Maureen Dowd for a change."

That was it. Nothing more than a suggestion that when we are out compiling tidbits of political knowledge, we should read some columnists - and pointed out one from each side of the liberal- conservative parlor trick - to expand our source network beyond disc jockeys and hosts of comedy talk shows.

This turned out to be the writing equivalent of throwing chum in the water. And it didn't take long for Rush haters to start swirling around the boat:

Dear Life Sherpa - I believe people do quote Rush Limbaugh, but I don't think anyone sees him as a comedian. I have heard it mentioned he is an entertainer, but no one has been able to explain exactly what kind of entertainer he is. I see Rush Limbaugh as a bully to most anyone that is not like he is. - Mona Lisa

Dear Mona - What Limbaugh really is? He's a former disc jockey who found a way to take his own beliefs and turn them into a multimillion-dollar industry. He's Howard Stern, except with less porn and more drugs.

My point is that more people seem willing to reduce their understanding of complex issues to sound bites, and their sources of knowledge to radio and TV entertainers.

Dear Life Sherpa - I have no problem with everyone you listed save one: Rush Limbaugh. I would call him a buffoon, a scary clown even, but not a comedian. The bile that spews from his pie hole is not funny in any sense of the word. - Grumpy Grandma

Dear Grumpy - Hate away, this is a free country. …

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