Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Social Studies: A Class of Its Own

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Social Studies: A Class of Its Own

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From the first time we got dolled up in our prettiest dress for a birthday party, we loved to socialize. And it's been nonstop since.

In high school, we're frantic to score the right prom date (but not so desperate as we are now to hide the pictures of that night). College is filled with mixers and mix-matched blind dates. And in our 20s we're on a social whirlwind that would tire out a whirling dervish.

We'll get together for any excuse - book club, the next "Twilight" movie release, the end of Fantasy Football season - anything.

Most of us fall somewhere between party girl and wallflower: We get out often enough to see and be seen, but not so much that we're caught losing a shoe at midnight.

So let's make plans for a QuirkOut get-together and talk about things women do to socialize.


At the PTA picnic or company cocktail party, somebody approaches you gleefully and says, "Oh, I'm so glad to see you. It's been too long."

Your brain is scrolling through its contact list faster than Siri can find the closest Dunkin' Donuts on your iPhone. Who the heck is this person?

Brittany's brilliant QuirkOut response is simply to shout out, "Hello Yoooooooooou."

What a nice way to greet whoever this is - maybe your best friend from high school or the partner you played tennis with this morning. Hard to say.

Our memories have been gone so long, we can't remember to pick up the dry cleaning, let alone the names of everyone we spent 20 minutes talking to 20 years ago.

What we do remember is that kindness always pays off, so just keep smiling and respond, "I'm so happy to see Yooooooooooou."


You "owe" so many people.

Not money (if only it were as simple as paying people money to thank them for their hospitality). No, it's your turn to entertain all the people who had you over for parties and dinners and cocktails. …

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