Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Lesson from a Waterfall, One Drop at a Time

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

A Lesson from a Waterfall, One Drop at a Time

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I recall some years ago being awed by the powerful flow of water cascading over the rocks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Captivated by the force of this waterfall, I stood watching for a considerable period of time. Right before my eyes, it became clear that what had initially appeared to be a sheet of water was actually millions of tiny droplets, each one separate from the other and capable of reflecting the rainbow as random droplets do on ones windowpane.

I was reminded of this experience when a year ago I moved to a senior community in another state. I connected with my immediate neighbors, who were most kind and welcoming. But as the days wore on, I felt aimless and without purpose.

The move was the result of prayer, however, and I knew I had to counter the vacuum I seemed to be in. To do so would require my taking a stand on my own behalf. I could begin by viewing myself as one of those individual droplets, not isolated but part of a harmonious whole.

From this perspective, I could see the many unfamiliar faces around town as fellow travelers on a shared journey. We were like those little drops of water moving in complete accord as one grand whole, each fulfilling his or her particular niche.

I thought of this grand whole as the one God and His spiritually conceived creation. That is where His sons and daughters originate and remain intact, each necessary and with a purpose to fulfill.

I am a unique idea of the one infinite God, so my place in that relationship was already firmly established. I was at one with my Creator and what He had created me to be. Nothing could upset or diminish that relationship. What was being required of me was to be active in proving this connection in this instance, to go forth and sow the seeds of friendship, inspiration, and caring.

Encouraged by what my prayers were revealing, I became alert to opportunities to join with my fellow travelers in ways that would be mutually beneficial.

I had belonged to a current events discussion group where I used to live, and the friendships made there were very special to me. …

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