Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Riches Were in the House, All the Time

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Riches Were in the House, All the Time

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Riches! What are they? Where are they? News stories sometimes tell about individuals, or city, state, or national governments, which had been lacking in resources, that have discovered within their home, land, or coffers, hidden riches funds or supplies they didnt know they possessed. All of a sudden, instead of looking outside themselves for good, they found what they needed in their own house.

These riches didnt appear overnight or even as some miracle, but when thought changed from looking outward to inward, supply was discovered to have been there for quite a while. All, or at least a lot of what they needed, had always been present or in the house so why was it not seen and being used for the good of those who needed it?

Dont we often look outside ourselves for riches to our job, to the government, to our friends for money, health, companionship, the right job, or recognition for our achievements? Ive found that when Im willing to look in my house my consciousness for Gods riches, I find them and can use them as resources. The Bible says that wisdom cries out for us to listen, that righteousness and understanding are the durable riches, that wisdom and understanding cause those that love them to inherit substance ... and ... will fill their treasures. And finally, The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it (Proverbs 8:18-21; 10:22).

Recently I was reminded of the story in the Bible of the prophet Elisha asking a widow, who was concerned about her creditors, What hast thou in the house? (II Kings 4:2). She had one pot of oil, which, by following the wisdom and instruction of Elisha, she was able to sell. She paid all her creditors and was supplied with all she needed.

Then came the thought from a recent Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on Substance, which talked about the riches of wisdom and knowledge and how they instruct and counsel men and are full of riches (see Psalms 104:24).

I had an experience myself that instructed me in a similar way. …

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