Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views - Letters from Our Readers; Opinion

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views - Letters from Our Readers; Opinion

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Paper's reporting on History Museum purchase is sloppy

The Post-Dispatch's campaign against Bob Archibald and the Missouri History Museum is hard to understand. Under Dr. Archibald's leadership, the museum has become a national model for a new wave of museums dedicated to community service. Archibald's record of hard work and commitment to bettering the St. Louis community is unquestionable.

The Post-Dispatch claims that the museum bought property "to secretly bail former Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr. out of a restaurant deal gone bad." You could have easily verified that the museum had a real and justifiable reason for purchasing the property. The plan was widely discussed at the time, made a great deal of sense, and was fully consistent with the museum's mission. Your reporters chose to ignore the reality of a lengthy and very public planning process, and instead concocted an implausible conspiracy theory that seems to be based on nothing but the fact that the seller had once been a member of the museum's board.

They did not produce objective evidence that the price paid was unreasonable, and did not even try to assert that anyone connected with the museum profited from the deal. They have not countered the museum's documentation of its careful due diligence in selecting and purchasing the property. The Post-Dispatch simply has no factual basis for the way it has depicted this transaction.

All of us who bought real estate in 2006 now wish we hadn't, and I suspect the board of the History Museum feels the same. But the sloppy reporting of the Post-Dispatch has not given us any reason to see this episode as anything other than another good idea done in by the recession - the same recession that is, presumably, responsible for the deteriorating standards of reporting by a once distinguished newspaper.

Jay Rounds - Union

Professor of museum studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Museum's hiring of PR firm is frivolous use of tax money

Why does the Missouri History Museum need to hire a spokesman from Fleishman-Hillard? I think Robert Archibald, the museum's president, should tell us what is going on and leave it at that.

How much does it cost to hire someone from Fleishman-Hillard to speak for the museum? It is using more tax money for someone who is unnecessary and frivolous - just like the purchase of the lot on Delmar was unnecessary and frivolous. I guess the museum thinks this is "free" money without being held accountable as to how it is spent.

Next, where did the money come from to buy the Delmar property, if it was not tax dollars? Hopefully, Robert Archibald will not need a spokesman to answer that question.

Not only should the Fleishman-Hillard spokesman go, but also Robert Archibald, because he has lost all credibility.

Ann Ludlow - Sunset Hills

Rescind the tax that pays for museum

Since this seems to be "Dump on Archibald" week, please let me add to the pile. …

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