Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views; Letters from Our Readers

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views; Letters from Our Readers

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Dont harm energy industry with higher taxes

Now that the election is over, Congress is faced with the fiscal cliff during its lame duck session. Certain tax increases and spending cuts have been laid out that would harm not only Missouri but our nation. As Congress looks for revenue, it should be careful not to harm the American energy industry.

The important tax reform needed must be fair and equitable and not punish one sector over another. Not only does the energy industry employ millions of people, it provides billions of dollars in revenue to the government. In a time when we face uncertainty and economic hardship, it doesnt make sense to increase taxes on one of our countys most profitable sectors knowing it will result in higher prices at the pump for consumers and increased costs for small business and manufacturers.

As Congress takes up these discussions, they should remember the importance of the U.S. energy producers to the nation, its people, and our economic security.

Roger Roth Chesterfield

Give Democrats and Republicans what they want

I have an easy solution for compromise over the fiscal cliff situation: Give the people of the United States what they voted for!

Based on official residency on Nov. 6, those in Republican-held congressional districts will not see any tax increases but will have significantly reduced Medicare and Social Security benefits and reduced awards of federal dollars for education, police, roads, bridges, public transportation, public health, and medical and energy research, and of course zero dollars for research into climate change or its potential impact.

Democrat-held congressional districts will suffer with higher tax rates for the top income earners that will mirror those effective during the economic boom of the Clinton years, but cuts in government entitlements, services, and contracts will be minimal. A potential complicating factor after this is implemented is a change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives after the 2014 election.

Jeff Miner St. Louis

Biblical truths are being compromised

The Nov. 27 commentary Protect the LGBT community from discrimination by the Kirkwood Baptist Church pastor was premised on the presupposition that sexual minorities are born that way. There is strong evidence to the contrary and much evidence that upbringing and environment play a major role in sexual orientation.

The biblical teaching regarding homosexuality is that homosexuality is a behavior. The Word of God is clear that if the temptation or inclination is not acted upon, there is no sin. Heterosexuals have a natural bent to lust after members of the opposite sex. The temptation is part of our corrupt human nature, and there is no sin when the temptation is resisted. The biblical solution to heterosexual lust is to get married. The solution to homosexual lust is to resist the temptation, but marriage as defined biblically can only take place between a male and a female.

The commentary highlights the emerging church movement that is compromising biblical truths in order to be accepted by the politically correct postmodern subjective truth culture. This anti- biblical movement in downplaying sin in order to get along with a corrupt, sinful world, which is desperately in need of objective truth that is Jesus Christ. The lie that is postmodernism is that opinion has now become truth.

We have moved from a Judeo-Christian biblical culture a half century ago into an anti-biblical, godless culture that denies and mocks Gods Word and enshrines the individual opinions of a corrupt humanity. We are in the process of being judged by God, and if we refuse to repent, we will reap the consequences.

David Floyd Maryland Heights

Before criticizing, walk in a homeless persons shoes

Regarding the letter Food pantries, homeless shelters should use tough love (Nov. …

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