Building Bridges to Small Businesses: Tulsa Author Clifton Taulbert Details Mind-Set for Success

Article excerpt

More and more people are thinking like entrepreneurs, said Tulsa author and speaker Clifton Taulbert.

"There will always be people who like to work for others or with others," Taulbert said. "But people are beginning to realize that companies come and go and they see themselves as a key part of the success factor."

Taulbert, a former Oklahoma banker who is president and founder of the Tulsa-based consulting company Building Community Institute, spoke at the Tulsa Economic Development Corp.'s annual dinner at the Tulsa Country Club. He later met with The Journal Record to discuss small business trends. Taulbert, who is focused on human capital development and organizational effectiveness, speaks and leads workshops about 120 times a year around the world for Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and professional business organizations. Many of his speeches are part of leadership development training programs presented by his company.

Taulbert often talks about the dynamics of starting and maintaining a business.

"Challenges exist, but opportunities exist, as well," Taulbert said. "What is important is that attitude that travels from one generation to the next - and that is one's personal resolve."

Personal resolve is essential for sustainable success.

"There are some things we can and cannot control," Taulbert said. "You are going to need alliances; you are going to need partners."

Resolve is necessary in launching a business, he said, because it may be an upstream journey.

"It is that upstream journey - and how you handle it - that may define you for the rest of your business career," Taulbert said.

The entrepreneurial spirit Taulbert sees in Tulsa exists in other parts of the country, as well.

"I am fortunate to be around other entrepreneurial projects that take me all over the country and am seeing this all over," he said. "I just left Topeka and it is big there, and in Denver, people are talking about entrepreneurship. Whether you work for someone or for yourself, being an entrepreneurial thinker takes your mind-set out of the box - and that person is willing to be creative and willing to dig deeply and see new ways of doing things and not settling for what has always been done. …


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