Post-Holiday Storage Can Leave You Boxed; HOME Q&A - YOUR HOME

Article excerpt

Q * My house is a mess after the holidays. I need some advice on storage ideas to make room for the new.

A * Storage problems are not unique to the holidays. However, with all the new things you may have picked up over the holidays the need for unique storage solutions can be amplified. I have a few starting points that will help reclaim some space. Start by identifying the area that may give you the greatest results. Measure the space you want to reclaim, including the height of the area. Going vertical is a must when creating more storage space.

Closet organizational systems increase the amount of usable storage space, in part, by increasing vertical space. Hanging rods, shelves and drawers can be arranged to take advantage of every inch of space. There are many choices of organizational systems, but storage solutions basically come in three types: ventilated shelving, melamine shelving and plastic storage. Any of these or a combination of all three will help reclaim much needed space after the holiday season.

Try using the ClosetMaid storage systems to effectively organize your closets and make sure items you use on a regular basis are easily accessible. …


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