Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, March 25

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Letters to the Editor, March 25

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Liberals' idea of common sense with guns hasn't worked

Well, the liberals have a new buzzword: It's "common sense." All you hear is "common sense" gun laws. If common sense works so well, why did people still make alcohol, get rich and get drunk during Prohibition? Why do people still manufacture drugs, get rich and get high? Why do people get drunk, have accidents and kill people, over and over again? Why do areas, like Chicago, have tougher gun laws than most other places and have higher incidents of gun violence?

Here's one for the "common sense" liberals. Common sense tells me that law-abiding citizens obey the laws; law breakers will not and never have. Common sense tells me there are thousands of gun laws on the books now; if the bad guys fear these laws, why do we still have crimes, committed with guns? Common sense tells me that trying the same solutions over and over again and again will have the same results. Good guys, no guns; bad guys, all the guns.

Neal Caldwell Shrewsbury

Congress buckles under to gun lobby in failing to ban assault weapons

It's been three months since the slaughter of the schoolchildren in Connecticut, and our senators and representatives in Congress have done nothing to prevent this from happening again. Such a display of uncaring cowardice is beyond my comprehension. It would seem their main objective is to get re-elected, and they fear the National Rifle Association will spend money to defeat them if they vote for the banning of assault weapons.

These men and women we have sent to Congress to represent us have failed in their responsibilities to the American people. The banning of assault-type weapons should have been the first thing on their agenda. However, they have buckled under to the gun lobby. I am a gun owner and have been one for over 60 years and see no viable reason for anyone to own such a weapon.

In the 1930s, the federal government banned the private ownership of Thompson submachine guns and the Browning automatic rifle. There was no outcry from the public over the banning of these weapons. And let us not forget, these are weapons, not sporting or hunting guns.

It's time our representatives in Congress ban all assault-type weapons from private ownership.

George Clifton Fairview Heights

Pope should bring church to discuss birth control

I commend Pope Francis for his words of support toward the poor and our natural environment ("Protect the weak, nature, pope says," March 20). However, his stance on these issues will necessitate action on a particularly thorny topic for the Catholic Church: birth control. Environmental degradation and poverty can be linked to higher birth rates throughout the world. How many more human beings can our planet support? It is a troubling question without one final answer.

However, it seems obvious that high birth rates in the developing world are preventing those nations from getting out of poverty. And the depletion of natural resources will only continue with the addition of more human beings onto our planet.

Let us hope that this pope can see the big picture and bring the church into a sensible discussion that includes increased access to birth control.

Andy Eggleston Shrewsbury

Missouri House must preserve economic incentive

Empty real estate along Manchester Road seems enough to convince retail analysts that St. Louis has too many stores ("Too many stores? Not necessarily," March 8). The Missouri House agrees. Among the proposals to cut tax credit programs for historic preservation and low-income housing, the House has also advised a $5 million reduction in enhanced enterprise zones (HB698). The zones provide an established administration and funding stream to attract businesses and jobs to blighted communities. Now is not the time to reduce these incentives. Instead, the Legislatures must act to improve the zones. …

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