Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Maybe the NCAA Should Just Give Up

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Maybe the NCAA Should Just Give Up

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The waiting isn't the worst part. No, it's never the waiting that gets you when it comes to the NCAA. It's the knowing. It's the knowing that whenever and however the NCAA finally gets around to completing its "exhaustive" investigation of how it managed to bungle a probe into alleged misconduct by the University of Miami athletic department because of the misconduct of its own enforcement investigators, the NCAA won't have the good sense to realize the widespread wreckage that it's already done.

So we wait.

But for what exactly?

True justice? More premature leaks? Maybe a pie in the face?

By now the NCAA should be halfway through sorting through its own dirty laundry in how it tainted its own investigation of Miami and by extension Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith, the former Hurricanes hoop coach. NCAA boss Mark Emmert told us last week that swift justice would be done. He promised it would only take two weeks to sort through the extent of his investigators' apparent indiscretions.

And of course, at the end of this delightfully enlightening process, I am sure that Emmert will be satisfied that the NCAA has only suffered a flesh wound to its already shaky moral credibility. Oh yes, and I know this, too. He will then tell us that all is well, the world has been saved and now please just let the NCAA get back to the very important business of being judge, jury and executioner to all of intercollegiate athletics.

And here's something else I know: What we'll never hear is the sound of total capitulation from Emmert. How honest and refreshing would it be if the NCAA boss would summon up the courage to admit that his organization is a complete and utter disaster and he's lost complete control of the mad machine?

Wouldn't it be something if Emmert would have the nerve to conduct another national conference call over the next month or so where he admits to anyone willing to listen that he has before him a long list of rogues and scoundrels in his own organization who have submitted their letters of resignation and that it's a pointless and hypocritical enterprise to keep the pipeline of valuable cash and prizes flowing through a one-way channel back to the overseers of college sports, forever bypassing the rather talented labor force (the student-athletes)?

Instead, I am going to hold out hope for something a little less ambitious, like a simple admission from Emmert that he's going to shut down the Miami probe, because he knows no one believes in the NCAA anymore.

That's a heck of burden to overcome, isn't it?

It's the knowing that there is no way that anyone with half a brain will ever be able to take this silly organization seriously anymore. Drunkards would have a better time stumbling home from an all-night whiskey-soaked binge, than trying to wag their unsteady fingers in the face of their own wayward children. …

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