Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Right-to-Work Legislation Will Weaken Missouri's Economy

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Right-to-Work Legislation Will Weaken Missouri's Economy

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Currently, Missouri House Republicans are in a full press to pass so-called right-to-work legislation. Even though the president pro tem of the state Senate has said it is not a priority of the Senate and it faces a certain veto by the governor, they press on wasting time they could spend working to modernize Missouri's economy.

It's amusing after winning a local election, some of these politicians instantly fancy themselves economic experts pushing the unproven ideas placed in their heads by a large donor or two on the state. As an agri-businessman who has used my capital to hire new employees, I can tell you from the front lines of the job creation battle that right-to-work will do nothing except lower the wages of our state and weaken Missouri's economy.

However, let's say at some point today's right-wing talking point becomes tomorrow's short-sighted law of the land; who will they blame then?

Let's look at a case-in-point from southeast Missouri. After gladly taking millions of dollars in federal loan guarantees, Nordyne placed a new factory in Poplar Bluff. You won't be surprised to learn that none of the Republican leaders in the area accused anyone of being a socialist or a liberal for helping the government involve themselves in private commerce. However, a few weeks ago, Nordyne announced they were moving their production and closing the factory.

According to the Republicans' narrative, it had to have been greedy unions at the plant that chased the job creators into the welcoming arms of a right-to-work state. The facts, as they often do to right-wing ideologues, burst their bubble.

First of all, the Nordyne facility was not a union shop. There wasn't one union even talked about forming at their plant. As bad as the wing nuts would love to, you can't pin this on unions.

Second, Nordyne didn't close their plant to move to a right-to- work state. They moved their operation to Saltillo, Mexico. Pass all the union-busting legislation you want, and it wouldn't do a thing for the 700 people in southeast Missouri who lost their jobs. …

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