Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

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Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views - Letters from Our Readers; Opinion

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Abortion of disabled and disfigured is appalling

Linda Raclin's letter ("Wendy Davis took a stand for women's health," July 8) states that late-term abortions "are almost always utilized in cases where women face an excruciating decision over whether to bring a disabled or disfigured child into this world."

As the father of a beautiful and capable daughter with Down syndrome, I am appalled that Raclin would suggest that disabled children such as my daughter should be killed before they are born, because she thinks the value of a child is based only on their abilities and/or appearance.

Will disabilities that can be repaired by medical intervention still result in the child being murdered? I was born nearsighted, so would I have been unfit to live? What about a cleft lip?

And what if Raclin's definition of disfigured is different than the rest of us? Are those with big ears disfigured? Or a crooked nose? Or freckles? Some folks might not want to allow such disfigured children into the world. Would we vote on which unborn children get to live?

Perhaps Raclin and her ilk should think through the logical outcome of their suggestion.

John Voda * Shrewsbury

County's notification on project was ineffective

Well, it took some gumption for a paper struggling to keep its readers to alienate a large portion of its South County readers with the editorial "The NIMBY files" (July 9). I would have admired the Post-Dispatch for taking such a costly position had the premise of the article been accurate. Instead of saying South Countians were too busy to notice when they were notified of the low-income senior housing project on Telegraph Road, the Post-Dispatch could have used the opportunity to show the county's notification system is not effective.

According to you, we were too busy. We discarded postcards. We "got caught up in a social media campaign." You said, "It's not like the project was a secret." Yes, it was. "We had our chance." No, we did not. "Proper notice was given." No, it was not.

So if the county notifies its citizens of a building project and the citizens do not know they were being notified, were the citizens notified? …

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