Nurses Lead Revolution toward Improved Health Care Delivery; "Make a HEALTHY CAREER Move"

Article excerpt

The health care industry has evolved since a series of sweeping legislative reforms began to take effect in 2010. New policies and regulations, millions of new patients and the introduction of advanced technology have added pressure to an already complex system. As this transformation continues, health care leaders are keeping an eye on how the system is functioning to ensure these changes fuel improved health care delivery.

The health care system is comprised of teams working with and among each other within the same "universe." The core of the health care universe is the patient, and the group of people working directly with the patient to provide care from friends and family to nurses and physicians is called the "microsystem." In recent years, this microsystem has become the focus of much research and discussion, as its successful function directly impacts the delivery of care.

A new revolution toward these improvements is being led by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) with doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degrees. …


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