Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views -; Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Your Views -; Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9

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A buffet spoiled

The Post-Dispatch owes Chinese restaurants and the Chinese community an apology. I was shocked to see the editorial page headline of "Chinese buffet" (Aug. 5) to describe the editorial about Rep. T.J. McKenna's support of a Missouri law nullifying federal gun laws.

While I support the Post-Dispatch's opposition to this bill, I am offended that you would describe it as depicting the Constitution in such a way. Such racist thinking has no place in a discussion. I'm sure there were many other quotes you could have used than the one by Rep. Jay Barnes to describe the Constitution.

Rep. Barnes also owes the Chinese community an apology. Can we not have discussions without using stereotypes? Personally, I love Chinese food and appreciate the great diversity Chinese restaurants give us in their food selection. As a white person, I am ashamed of the language used in this editorial.

Carol Bahmueller * St. Louis

More lawful food for thought

Thank goodness the Post-Dispatch editorial team is rebuking the Republican Party for picking and choosing what bills to pass into law or what laws to enforce based on a purely constitutional basis.

What lawmaker in his or her right mind would pick and choose what laws to follow, what laws to disregard and what laws attempt to trump the federal government? How dare they usurp the federal government's almighty power?

I'm hopeful this new stance by the editorial team will result in articles rebuking the president of the United States for eating at the very same "Chinese Buffet" and violating his oaths as well.

Brian Scott * Hillsboro

At SLU, let the process proceed

Once again, a faculty member at St. Louis University has decided to vent perceived grievances concerning Father Lawrence Biondi in the Post-Dispatch ("Biondi's acts of retribution harm SLU," Aug 2).

The Board of Trustees has provided a pathway for the Faculty Senate to present its concerns. With the choice of a new university president already begun, that is this faculty group's avenue to achieve the change it envisions.

This should not be a media event. The Heithaus Haven, composed of those of Donald Stump's persuasion, has met and discussed the issues. I attended a recent meeting that was a free and quite open symposium. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to perceive why the Haven group has brought the American Association of University Professors into the proceedings while providing no further clarity.

St. Louis University has a solid foundation to guide its future path. Let the process proceed.

Roy B. Gillyon * St. Louis

A fear of democracy

In "Detroit: Death By Democracy" (Aug. 1), George Will makes two points: labor unions are the equivalent of insects that implant their eggs in unsuspecting caterpillars and he hates democracy. …

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