Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Steps for Replacing a Window Screen; HOME Q&A

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Steps for Replacing a Window Screen; HOME Q&A

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Now that the weather is nice, you will likely turn off the air conditioning and open your windows and doors. This could be the time when you find a tear in one of your screens.

Replacing a screen in a sliding door or window can be easily done. You'll need to buy some screen, some spline and a screening tool to work the spline and screen into the groove of the door or window. Be aware that some windows have a metal piece that holds the screen in all around the perimeter. This type of screen is harder to rescreen, so you may end up taking it to a professional, but you can always give it a try.

First you have a choice as to what the screen is made of: aluminum or fiberglass. Each one has its advantages. The aluminum is slightly stronger, but if someone throws a ball or object against it, it may cause a wrinkle that won't go away. While the fiberglass isn't quite so strong, it is more forgiving when tree limbs or balls hit it. Although I prefer the fiberglass, each situation is unique. If you have cats or dogs that scratch the screen, go with the aluminum, or possibly a third choice, pet screening. Pet screening is great, but it is thicker, and may not fit into the groove of your door.

You'll also have a choice of coloring: either silver/aluminum or charcoal/black. I prefer the charcoal as it doesn't reflect the glare of the sun.

Before you buy your screen, take the old screening out, along with the rubber spline that holds the screen in. First, take the door off the track by lifting it up slightly, inserting a screwdriver or putty knife under the wheels, then pull the door out from the bottom. You'll want to lay the door onto a flat surface such as a deck, driveway or a basement floor.

Then locate where the ends of the spline meet (or a place where it seems loose) and with needle-nosed pliers pull the spline out. …

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