Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Keep our libraries funded

Many towns in Bergen County experiencing revenue shortfalls are making draconian cuts to the budgets of their public libraries. I work as a volunteer at the Lodi Memorial Library, which will also see its funding slashed this year. Making our libraries bear the brunt of shrinking revenues is a grave mistake.

I'll assert what, to me, is obvious:

* America's free public libraries are more than a long tradition. They are a sacred trust, handed down for a dozen generations.

* They are emblematic of our best values -- equality, social justice and the blessings of a free society, open to all.

* They are a bulwark of democracy; the democracy that America claims to defend in countries halfway around the world, at a cost of a half trillion dollars a year.

How we spend the shrinking wealth of this country, both nationally and locally, is a matter of priorities. And it is precisely in hard times that we face the tough choices that will determine who we are as a people.

As a teacher of English to newcomers here in our country, I see firsthand both the amazement and gratitude they experience as they participate in the benefits our libraries offer.

One hopes their faith in us to provide these resources will be matched by our faith in ourselves.

We need to choose. We need to make sure that in these hard times we fulfill our responsibilities, that we allow our public libraries to thrive, that we nurture them, take pride in them and defend and preserve them.

Kendell Kardt

Lodi, March 14

The pill alleviates many symptoms

There are many pharmaceutical drugs that treat more than one medical condition and this certainly holds true for the poorly named "birth control pill." It might have been called a "hormone imbalance pill" and been widely accepted.

Doctors frequently prescribe this medication for acne, endometriosis, severe menstrual cramping, severe menstrual bleeding, lowering the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome and other hormone-related conditions, as well as for contraception.

Unfortunately for women, men do not suffer from these conditions. Testosterone use and vasectomies do not seem to hit the headlines in the same way the "birth control pill" does. …

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