Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

'Jerseylicious' Salon Owner Explains the Secret to Big Hair

Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

'Jerseylicious' Salon Owner Explains the Secret to Big Hair

Article excerpt


I've had long hair, short hair, straight hair, permed hair, brown hair, red hair, blond hair, no hair.

But the one thing I'd never had -- despite 30 years of living in the Garden State -- was Great Big Jersey Hair.

I wanted the kind of massive mane that polyester-clad girls wore to proms in the 1980s -- and that some women still sport on the Style Network's "Jerseylicious."

And so, I headed to where that reality "docu-soap" takes place: the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook.

My hair is shortish, but I knew that Gatsby owner Gayle Giacomo could work miracles. Only Gayle did not see big hair in my future.

"You don't want to look ridiculous," she said.

Actually, I noted, the folks back at the office were hoping that I'd look quite ridiculous.

"Oh, why?" she asked in a discussion-ending tone.

Gayle decided to give me "Jerseylicious" hair, which, I learn, is not necessarily big Jersey hair, the latter being "mostly a stereotype" that got attached to our state, she says. "I think it's anywhere you go. You see the movie stars and I mean, they have curls and they might tease it. It's just, I think, Jersey has been stereotyped so much," she says, conceding that "Jerseylicious" is partly responsible for perpetuating that stereotype.

Once I accepted reality -- and Gayle's promise to do her best to give me "bigger" hair -- I asked what the secret is to making hair, er, bigger?

"You start off with the right product, and then it's how you blow it out," says Gayle, who sprayed a root-lifter on my roots before she started using the blow dryer. "We're gonna tease you a little bit, and then we're gonna use a little spray on you and you're gonna have a Jersey look."

How lucky I was to have a hair celebrity working on me.

"We have people that jump off the plane from South Africa and come here to get their hair done," Gayle says. …

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