Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Newspaper article The Record (Bergen County, NJ)

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Who will be the next president?

The fiscal cliff is approaching. The $16 trillion national debt requires immediate attention by Congress. It will require a shared sacrifice by the public and private sector including the investment banks, which were bailed out the last time, big and small business, the unions, investors and the people.

It will require tougher choices by Congress affecting regulations, the social safety net, discretionary spending and defense spending. Defense industries face 30 percent layoffs, by some estimates, if automatic defense cuts go into effect, affecting employment, not to mention the ramifications of a smaller military force.

Increasing taxes during a recession will put a damper on consumer spending and the overall economy. You and I are already paying more for everything and the economy is not growing. Raising the debt ceiling only delays the inevitable.

Medicare and Medicaid are broke. Higher inflation is here and more is coming as we devalue the dollar. The people nationally are divided. It calls for a change in leadership at the top and throughout Congress. The clock is ticking. Greece beckons. The contagion could be devastating worldwide.

Mario R. Lembo

Hawthorne, Oct. 27


As much as it is a close race for president, Obama will win a second term. Why? Because although Romney says he understands the plight of the middle-class, he really does not. One of the companies that Bain owns and in which Romney has stock, Sensata, is pushing employees out the door to relocate operations to the Far East for profit.

Obama really connects with middle-class voters and is not hiding his tax returns.

I think many people who are voting for Romney have their heads in the clouds and think this economic debacle Obama stepped into can be fixed in only four years.

Let's not support Republican congressmen and Romney as well. Let everyone know about early voting and that Obama is truly a leader.

Joshua Schulman

Middletown, N.Y., Oct. 27

Disrespect on the mound

The baseball season has ended. The owners, managers and baseball commissioner seem to be unwilling to address the vile, gross, disgusting, despicable, deplorable act of spitting. Why?

These are highly paid professionals. If this were football, they would be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and delay of game.

We could rename the game "Spitball" and can have as an award, in addition to the game's best player, the "game spittoon champion." This phenomenon is not limited to the players in the field. I am watching with great interest to see who slips and slides in the dugout without having a tetanus shot.

This is the great American pastime? What wonderful skills for our kids to emulate.

Joseph S. Kirsch

Wanaque, Oct. 28

Campus could use its energy better

Regarding "MSU marks revamp of its energy grid" (Page L-1, Oct. …

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