Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Spare No Expense When Searching for a Christmas Tree

Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)

Spare No Expense When Searching for a Christmas Tree

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Well, it is January and time to take down our beautiful Christmas tree. We'll miss turning it on in the mornings when we get up, and we'll miss its illumination in the evenings complimenting a crackling fire in the fireplace. Thus, in honor and memory of our 2012 Christmas tree, I wish to share with you a little Christmas tree history from Locust St. Years ago, my wife started decorating our house for Christmas from one end to the other. I mean every nook and cranny had some form of Christmas displayed in a festive manner. And over the years, I purchased more and more decorations as Christmas presents for her.

Thus, the Christmas spirit grew stronger and stronger on Locust Street, and our house reflected it in hundreds of ways. We had elves on every shelf. We had Santas big and small, old and young and representing different countries of the world.

We had villages and Nativity scenes spread here and there. We had mechanical ice rinks and electric train stations. We had Christmas pictures adorning every inch of wall space. We had Christmas pillows, stockings, candles, bowls, table cloths, table ware and snow globes. In other words, if it had something to do with Christmas, we had it.

So when you are immersed in this much Christmas glee, you definitely need an outstanding Christmas tree. And when you have 10 foot ceilings, you must have a very tall (and very expensive) tree. Therefore, I would like to share a Christmas tale from Christmas past.

Once upon a time, my wife and I were in search of a very tall, freshly cut tree to display in front of our picture window. At that stage of our lives we would never allow an artificial tree in our house.

Thus, we loaded up in my truck in a quest for a perfect recently deceased tree.

After making several stops and racking many miles on my truck, we ended up in Evansville where trees were being sold on the corner of Washington Ave. and Green River Road After much examination and scrutinizing, we suddenly found the ideal tree. My wife was smiling from ear to ear resonating with Christmas cheer. "That's the one!" she kept saying as she hugged my arm while bouncing gleefully on her toes. …

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