Raging Girl Needs Attachment, Discipline

Article excerpt

Dear Amy: My brother has fallen upon some hard times. He and his daughter have moved in with my parents while he gets back on his feet. I am very happy he has the opportunity to do that. The issue is his 5-year-old daughter (the child's mother is not in the picture). She is the most rude, disrespectful child I know. I have four children myself and while they are not perfect, they do not hit their grandparents, tell me or my wife that they hate us, tell us to "F" off, or use vulgar language like this cousin does.

She has absolutely no discipline and my brother does nothing about it. My parents choose to divert her attention instead of telling her no!

Whenever my family spends time with my brother and niece, my wife and I have to spend several days after correcting our children's behavior from what they have learned from her.

My children are young and impressionable, and some don't even want to be around her.

My niece is causing extreme tension in the family. She needs discipline, which she is clearly not getting! How should we handle this?

- Bothered Uncle

Dear Bothered: Without positive mentoring and good role models, this child is a raging whirlwind. …


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