Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)


Newspaper article Evansville Courier & Press (2007-Current)


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Rita Mengon, Evansville

Changing takeoff pattern a mistake

Another thing to consider about the North Side and Skylane Terrace is the new routing of the airplane takeoff pattern. The plane takeoff always flew a little south of this neighborhood as it crossed U.S. 41. Now that they have extended the takeoff location further east, the planes are taking off rather low right over this neighborhood.

Like I said before, we live in an over 100-year-old house built before the airport or any other developments out here.

It is pretty disconcerting to be out in the yard and see the planes coming, sometimes like they are ready to aim for the front porch.

I don't think moving the takeoff point farther east has done anything good for where it flies after it leaves the ground. We don't want to be in the path of takeoff in case of a mishap.

Come visit our neighborhood and think if it is an improvement. I think not.

Tom MaVeety, Evansville

Church splits don't alter the message

I was talking with a person close to me about the recent divisions in our local churches, two of which have made news in our local media due to their size. The person I talked to said they were sad because Christianity is supposed to display a sense of unity instead of division that causes those who don't know the gospel to become more skeptical of the believer's message.

I began to think of the various divisions that have occurred within the faith over the centuries. Think back to a sarcastic young king that caused the division of Judah and Israel.

There were apparently more than the original 12 disciples at one point following Christ, because when he began to speak words that were too hard for them to grasp, many of them left Jesus.

There was the Greek Orthodox division from the Roman Catholic church. And then a monk by the name of Luther became too uncomfortable with the indulgences he observed resulting in the Protestant movement. These believers then began to splinter off into different denominations.

The local divisions that have appeared in our news over the last few months and weeks does cause a sense of heaviness in me. …

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