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Newspaper article International Herald Tribune

Arts Guide

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A look at selected art exhibitions worldwide.


European Night of Museums Saturday, May 19.

The eighth edition of the "Night" involves about 3,000 museums in 40 countries that will stay open late into the night and offer free entrance. Find out about opening hours and activities at:


Cezanne: Paris-Provence The National Art Center. Through June 11.

Provence and Paris, two places that have informed Cezanne's paintings. Born in Provence, the French artist (1839-1906) spent about 10 years in Paris, returned to Aix-en-Provence in 1880 but visited the capital regularly until his death. Inspired by the Impressionists he had mixed with in Paris, Cezanne nonetheless forged his own idiom, based on flat, geometric brushstrokes that departed equally from academic painting and Impressionism. About 100 paintings and personal objects figure in the show.


Jannis Kounellis Museum of Cycladic Art. Through Sept. 30.

When the Greek artist (born 1936) joined the mostly Italian Arte Povera movement in 1967, he had been using found objects for several years. To these, he added, as years went by, live animals, fire, earth, smoke, coal, coffee and many other materials. The site- specific installation uses newspapers, coal, burlap sacks, old shoes, glasses, black overcoats and iron bars collected from local markets and junkyards. It is a response to the current crisis in his native country. "At this particular moment, it would be impossible to have just an exhibition of art in Greece," Mr. Kounellis says. Is this not art ?


Chiharu Shiota: Labyrinth of Memory La Sucriere. Through July 31.

The public is invited to enter and wander the site-specific installation. Ms. Shiota (born 1972 in Osaka, works in Berlin) and her assistants used 600 kilometers, or 373 miles, of black wool thread to weave a multi-dimensional web for 16 white dresses with long trains hanging from the ceiling. The dresses symbolize, the artist says, the "second skin" (family, country, religion...) with which everyone lives a complex, difficult relationship, represented by the more or less dense weave of the threads. www.lasucriere-


Modern and Contemporary Masterworks From Malba/ Fundacion Costantini Museum of Fine Arts. Through Aug. 5.

A loan of 39 works from the Buenos Aires museum invites to a discovery of 20th-century Latin American artistic trends such as Antropofagia, Vibracionismo, Surrealismo and Otra figuracion. Illustrated by artists, some unknown, some well known like Joaquin Torres-Garcia (Uruguay) and Tarsila do Amaral (Brazil) as well as a few iconic figures such as the Mexican Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo and the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam. Many of these artists traveled to Europe, observed or participated in art movements and pioneered them in their home countries, not always successfully, while remaining attached to their indigenous roots. …

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