Newspaper article International Herald Tribune

My Son, the Terrorist

Newspaper article International Herald Tribune

My Son, the Terrorist

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Mother is a man's best friend -- but not always a reliable character witness.

Despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of the Boston bombing suspects, has defiantly proclaimed her sons' innocence in several interviews. I can think of only one other person who would take such a stance ...

Reporter: Thank you, Mrs. David, for talking with us. This must be a very difficult time for you. What are your thoughts on these accusations against your son?

Rose David: Oh, please! Have you ever heard of anything so crazy in your life? My Larry? He sees a spider in the house, he gently puts it in a tissue and takes it outside. That's a bomber? That's a pleasure!

Ask our neighbors. Whenever he went to the grocery store, he would always ask if they needed him to pick up something. Once they asked him to get a super-giant box of Tide. Do you know how big those are? They're like refrigerators. You think a bomber is going to lug that around?

Reporter: I'm sorry, Mrs. David, but have you not seen the video?

Rose David:First off, my Larry doesn't wear a sweatshirt with a hood. I tried to buy him one on his birthday. He said: "Take it back, Ma! It's not my cup of tea." I said: "Larry, try it on! They happen to look very nice under a sport jacket ... with some jeans. You'll look gorgeous!" He started screaming at me, "Never, never would I wear a hooded sweatshirt under a sport jacket!"

And the baseball cap on backward? Yes, he wears baseball caps, but only forward! I wish he would wear it backward. There's a nonchalance to it that I think is very appealing. The backward cap with a hooded sweatshirt under the sport jacket ... you got a beautiful look. But it's not his cup of tea. So enough with the video. That's not my son. I know my son.

Reporter: Do you think he would've told you if he was planning something like this? …

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