Newspaper article International Herald Tribune

Learning to Trust When out of Your Element

Newspaper article International Herald Tribune

Learning to Trust When out of Your Element

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Gideon Bosker of CMEducation Resources on getting a computer fixed in Indonesia.

When I was practicing medicine, I used to give lectures all over the world. Now, most of my travel is focused on developing medical education programs and attending scientific congresses, as well as researching books that I write.

I'm kind of a control freak. That's not good, especially when traveling for business, when everything that can go wrong often really does.

I was in Bali, Indonesia, and my trip was going very well until about the third day, when my laptop computer broke down. I needed it for work, and like everyone who has experienced a broken computer, I felt out of control and out of touch. That's not a good feeling for me.

My first instincts were to just dump the computer, ship it home to Oregon for repair or buy a new computer somewhere in Indonesia. Each of those ideas had its own drawbacks, so I finally decided to try to get the thing fixed in Bali. At the time, Bali had a good electronic infrastructure for commerce, but not everyone was as plugged in as we are in the United States. I still figured there must be a few computer repair technicians available somewhere in Bali who could help me out.

The hotel front desk directed my driver to a computer dealer. We drove out of the hotel district and cruised through neighborhoods crammed with shops for baskets, teak furniture and kites. When we passed some beautifully manicured rice fields, I really thought I had made a poor decision, since we were in rural Indonesia.

We finally got to the computer store, and a woman there directed us to the computer repair part of the establishment, which was in a shed packed with pool tables. It looked to me like the most out-of- control high-tech service center anywhere in the world. It was like a computer graveyard, with parts strewn all over the place. To say I was a little concerned is an understatement.

No one seemed to speak English, but an older man finally pointed to a teenage boy who apparently could help me. …

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