School Officials Share Feedback on State's Teacher Evaluation Model

Article excerpt

School officials from across East Tennessee gathered at the University of Tennessee to share what they believe to be the successes and challenges of the state's new teacher evaluation model.

On Monday, the State Collaborative on Reforming Education held its third of nine regional meetings to collect feedback on the state's new system, which requires that every teacher be evaluated every year on a scale of 1 to 5. Half of that score is based on classroom observations.

The remaining 50 percent is made up of valueadded data, information that gauges how much a student has learned from one year to the next and a variety of student achievement data chosen by educators and their supervisors. Jamie Woodson, SCORE's president and CEO, said the agency is in a listening mode, but they have gotten a lot of "rich" information from a number of education stakeholders. "What we're tasked with is ... to listen to ensure that this great policy we have in place is implemented in a way that really makes sense for these very valuable educators as well as students," she said.

SCORE was tasked to gather the information by Gov. Bill Haslam and report back to the Tennessee State Board of Education and the state's Department of Education by June 1. …


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