Newspaper article News Sentinel

LETTERS; .; WW Pfeifer,; Knoxville; Too Many in Schools' Administration?

Newspaper article News Sentinel

LETTERS; .; WW Pfeifer,; Knoxville; Too Many in Schools' Administration?

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With reference to Editor Jack McElroy's column in the April 15 News Sentinel, I would agree that individual salaries in the Knox County Schools are not out of line. That said, I wonder whether the administrative staff head count might not be inflated.

I wonder if it might be worthwhile to look into the organization charts to determine what percentage of the 7,748 people on the school district payroll are classroom instructors. In other words, does the school district have an inordinate proportion of administrative staff? There are numerous examples around the nation to demonstrate the ability of any number of private schools to deliver a superior product at a much lower unit cost than the typical government school system. It might be interesting to investigate the possibility of slimming down the overhead burden that seems to afflict governmentoperated programs.

Maynard Nordmoe, Knoxville

Paper has betrayed liberalism's ideals

"If you talk to God, you are praying. If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia," according to "A Thought" in the April 15 News Sentinel. Well, if that is true, take me away and lock me up. There are a lot of other Christians who would willingly confess to that as well. Hearing the voice of God is so central to the New Testament that chapter and verse references would be overwhelming here ("If any man hear my voice ... ).

Publishing this spurious quote reveals more about the News Sentinel than it does about believers. We are seeing a pattern of consistent disparagement, denigration and outright derision against the Christian faith in the pages of our community newspaper. A political cartoon last week implied that believers in creationism are somehow sub-human. And now we are being told we are schizophrenic.

Liberalism once championed the individual rights of personal faith, and Christianity was the driving force behind it, drawing upon its belief that every man is made in the image of God. Today, liberalism has spent itself and is lost in a stormtossed sea of emotive hunches that lurch back and forth between total license and a stifling dictatorship of relativism. Rational dialogue has been jettisoned for the sake of nonjudgementalism and the worship of the "mainstream." Because Christians still cling to moral absolutes, it is seen as much more advantageous to denounce them than debate them. Hence, they are mocked and dismissed as "mean-spirited" and "divisive."

The News Sentinel has betrayed liberalism, and its "illiberalism" is showing. It would advocate that public discourse become less rancorous, yet it publishes libelous attacks on people of faith at will. It demon-strates a total lack of comprehension of any conservative Christian consensus whatsoever and has chosen a path of polarization over protecting our great democratic project.

Cindy Leigh Natter, Knoxville

Is involvement by parents wanted?

I read with great interest your editorial regarding parental involvement. As an educator and a parent of a special-needs child, I have dealt with the issue of parental involvement from both sides. …

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