Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Epic Trilogy Comes to a Dramatic End ; BOOKS

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Epic Trilogy Comes to a Dramatic End ; BOOKS

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Citadel By Kate Mosse (Orion, Pounds 20) THIS is the final book in Kate Mosse's Languedoc Trilogy --following the best selling Labyrinth and Sepulchre.

Labyrinth and Set during the Second World War, it is the story of Sandrine Vidal, who is drawn into the world of the resistance in Carcassonne. Her network, codenamed 'Citadel', consists of ordinary French women, like her sister Marianne and best friend Lucie. Fighting alongside them are the men who love them, including Raoul Pelletier, a member of Maquis, the rural resistance, who falls for Sandrine.

Running parallel to their story is the tale of Arinius, a young monk and his wife Lupa, who live in the Carsac Plains in Gaul, AD 342-344. They face similar battles from an invading army. Arinius is the guardian of a secret Codex, a powerful and magical religious text. In the 1940s the guardian of this Codex is Audric Baillard, a man who is being hunted, but by who? The two worlds collide in a dramatic battle at the foothills of the Pyrenees. This is a wonderful, epic tale of passion, loyalty, courage and betrayal that grips from the first sentence to the very last (be warned, tissues may be required!).

Laura Wurzal I Remember You By Yrsa Sigurdardottir (Hodder & Stoughton, Pounds 13.99) SOME horror novels convey dread, some a SOME horror novels convey a creeping sense of dread, some a feeling of disgust, and others real fear. This one does all three, and does it with such conviction that it's hard to remember it's not real.

does all three, and does it During Iceland's long, cold winter, a group of young people head to a remote village to renovate a cottage. Back in the city they have left, a psychologist tries to forget the son he lost three years before, until he's confronted with an awful truth.

This is the first foray for the author into horror, being most famous in her native Iceland for detective novels, but it's no gauche debut to the genre. This is a fastpaced, stomach-churning ghost story that will rattle your cage. …

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