Let Doctor Who Teach Us about Religion Says Christianity Expert ; TV Favourite 'Charts Changing attitudes'Daleks 'Are Depicted as Religious Zealots'

Article excerpt

HIS fans have long worshipped the ground he walks on - and the Tardis he flies in. But now a leading academic claims Doctor Who should be used to teach...

religious studies.

Manchester university lecturer Dr Andrew Crome says the show - which is marking its 50th anniversary next month - has helped people understand a wide range of faiths over the years. Dr Andrew Crome, a fan of the show and expert in the history of modern Christianity, has edited a book on the programme's cultural legacy. He has also organised a Religion and Doctor Who day this Saturday, at which Church of England minister, and a writer on the show, Caroline Symcox will be giving a keynote speech. Dr Crome believes Buddhism has been a particularly strong theme over the years, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, while writer Russell T Davies, who revived the show in 2005, promotes atheism. The Daleks have been depicted as religious fundamentalists, he argues - and the Church of England itself as a paramilitary Christian group. Dr Crome said there is 'no single theme', with episodes also nodding to paganism and Ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology. …


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