Newspaper article Manchester Evening News


Newspaper article Manchester Evening News


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QI WAS told that my eye problems were due to a convergence problem. What does this mean? AWHEN we look at an object close up, like reading, our eye muscles pull the eyes inwards to see it clearly.

Weakness of these muscles causes a problem with the eye co- ordination at close range.

This is called convergence insufficiency, which can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred and double vision.


An optician can help diagnose. They will advise regular eye exercises.

Symptoms often improve after a few weeks but it can take months to get completely better.

QI KEEP getting spots on my face where I shave. What can I do? AWHEN the hair follicles in your beard area become inflamed it causes a spotted rash called folliculitis.

It's caused by a common skin infection. It can occur in an unshaven area but it is more common in men who shave. …

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