Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Council Let Our Great Gardens Go to the Wall ; VIEWPOINTS

Newspaper article Manchester Evening News

Council Let Our Great Gardens Go to the Wall ; VIEWPOINTS

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WHAT a nerve! The way Coun Pat Karney in his column (Viewpoints, April 15) describes the sad history of Piccadilly Gardens, you would think he and the city council had nothing to do with it.

If he and Manchester council leader Richard Leese were aware of the Gardens' poor state at an early stage, why was timely action not taken to stem the deterioration? They had plenty of opportunity.

For many decades, Piccadilly Gardens were the pride of the city, beautifully kept by a team of council staff and appreciated by the populace as a pleasant retreat.

Their decline was not something inevitable but dates from the point where the city council withdrew regular maintenance and oversight, abandoning the gardens to the depradations of all sorts of undesirables until, finally, they were reduced to such a state that the council, for the sake of commercial advantage, signed up to the embarrassing mess we have now.

Talk about selling your birthright for a mess of potage! The only way to make what remains of Piccadilly Gardens a space to be proud of once more is to remove the tasteless clutter and make sure the area is maintained and supervised on a daily basis to ensure standards are met.

Other cities throughout the world do this, as did Manchester before it forgot how to take a pride in itself.

Peter Castree, Sale NO need to demolish the much-hated concrete wall in Piccadilly Gardens, just give it a massive makeover.

It does act as a screen from the bus/Metro station adjoining it, albeit an ugly one.

The Gardens themselves could be retained, doubtless improved over the years and still hold events, possibly with a new pyramid feature added.

My idea is to convert the roof of the buildings/ cafe into an accessible Remembrance roof garden with disabled access. And possibly have retractable seating from the roof garden level for major events, cascading down into the gardens.

The wall itself on the bus station side would be a combination of memorial plaques, celebrating great Mancunians and events (eg Alan Turing, the graphene discoverers, City and United legends, famous artists, including Lowry, and war heroes). …

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