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Monday Links: Acting out in School, a Hamline Law 'Best' and an Erasuregate Update

Newspaper article

Monday Links: Acting out in School, a Hamline Law 'Best' and an Erasuregate Update

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Did you know it's the first day of school for some kids? It's true. Some of the schools that are doing the most to close the achievement gap have longer days and years that start well before the State Fair. In service to some stories that will appear in this space soon, I'm spending a little time attending class.

So as not to leave this space idle, I commend to you the best links culled from my weekend reading. The first goes to a column in Education Week that needs to be required reading for every educator and school administrator in the state. Teacher and author Luke Reynolds contemplates the unfortunate ways in which children are frequently punished "for displaying uncomfortable emotions in uncomfortable ways."

"When students act out, most likely they're exhibiting emotions so intense that keeping them bottled up any longer just isn't an option," Reynolds writes. "So students yell. They throw things. They curse. They refuse to do the work. They work on the wrong things. Each action is an acting-out of an inner emotion -- and, most likely, an emotion that has been consistently denied and repressed by previous teachers and parents."

I believe from my own kids' experience that this is true in even "the best" schools, more true in overcrowded classrooms and that the principal and other administrators to whom problem behaviors are referred are typically hotter-headed than teachers.

Reynolds' conclusion: "Forgiveness is hard, and change is expensive."


Next, Hamline University's law school is getting a little well- deserved love from one of those "best" lists. National Jurist has just named it one of the country's most innovative law schools.

The last time the law school graced this space it was in a story about those innovations, a bold attempt to answer the question, what does the No. …

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