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GAME BYTES: 'Resident Evil 6' Most Thrilling in the Series

Newspaper article The Tuscaloosa News

GAME BYTES: 'Resident Evil 6' Most Thrilling in the Series

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"Resident Evil 6" is an important landmark in the "Resident Evil" saga, if only because it it fully marks the series' transition from horror to action. I love horror games. But I had more fun playing "Resident Evil 6" than any other "RE" game, so maybe the action genre suits it.

This game is an epic tale, telling us a story about a new biological weapon known as the C-virus from the perspective of four different people, including series mainstays Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield. Other characters making a return are Ada Wong and Sherry Birkin (remember her?), who is now all grown up.

The C-virus works like previous series viruses; there are strains you can inject to get crazy mutations, and if you inhale a cloud of virus dust, you turn into a zombie. But the injections don't necessarily make you into some unstoppable beast. Most of the virus- infected enemies in the game are regular-looking dudes who carry guns and will regenerate mutated limbs or heads when you blast them.

If there is one major problem with "Resident Evil 6," it's that it does not properly explain to you how to play it. Series regulars will come in and try to aim carefully for headshots and be frustrated by the constantly wandering laser sight on your gun. They'll find that it takes several headshots to kill an enemy, rather than just one.

This is how I approached the game at first, and because of that I had no fun at all during most of the first campaign. I struggled with the controls immensely, and thought the game was just built poorly. Eventually, though, I figured out that I needed to be quite a bit more gung ho about everything, firing more rapidly and less discriminately and running in close to wail on folks with my hands and feet. This game is pure action, and running and gunning works surprisingly well. You do have use melee a lot, though, because as with any "Resident Evil" game, ammo is in short supply. But a combination of firing wildly and punching enemies worked pretty well for me.

Shockingly, I wasn't much interested in the game's story most of the time I was playing. That's not really a slight against the story, because it's far from bad. …

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