Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

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Alternet highlighted Stephen Colbert's evisceration of Obama administration arguments for giving the executive branch the power to kill anyone it deems an enemy of the state:

"Colbert made mincemeat out of Attorney General Eric Holder's bizzarre assertion that 'due process' didn't mean 'judicial process' but simply a decision by the executive branch.

" 'Trial by jury, trial by fire, rock, paper, scissors, who cares! Due process just means there is a process you do!' said Colbert, his voice dripping with irony. 'The current process is the president meets with his advisers and decides whom he should kill -- and then he kills them.' "


James Pinkerton at "Alzheimer's Disease- related dementia is the next public health time bomb. And it's not just a bomb of human suffering ... AD dementia is also an already- exploding bomb of fiscal red ink. ...

"The 36 million dementia sufferers in the world today ... will double in just eight years. ... Here in the United States, some 6 million Americans have Alzheimer's, costing ... $172 billion annually, reaching a [projected] cost of $20 trillion by 2050. Yet in American politics today, the focus of eldercare is on finance -- Obamacare vs. Republican insurance alternatives." The focus instead, Mr. Pinkerton writes, should be on science: "Faced with the AIDS epidemic a quarter-century ago, America and the world resolved to focus on a cure, which in many cases today ... is the functional equivalent of a cure. The medical-science approach to AIDS, as opposed to the finance approach, has been a bonanza for human compassion, for the advance of medical science and for the economies of countries around the world."


The Allegheny Institute: "Gov. [Tom] Corbett has shown real grit in refusing to acquiesce to the entreaties by some and scurrilous name calling by others demanding that he come up with more funding for the Port Authority. In fact, his adamant unwillingness to capitulate to those demands is the only reason the transit unions have any motivation to even consider making any concessions on wages or benefits. …

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