Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Get Vengeful Catch 'Revenge of the Electric Car' in East Liberty

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Get Vengeful Catch 'Revenge of the Electric Car' in East Liberty

Article excerpt

Tonight you can join people who are all pumped up about avoiding the pump.

It's "Revenge of the Electric Car," the movie AND the gathering at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater on Penn Avenue in East Liberty.

Hosted by Penn Future, the statewide public interest group that promotes clean energy, the event enables you to come and see some electric cars, talk to their owners, and hear from some guys who are on a cross-country trek in their EV.

"EV. That stands for electric vehicle," said Penn Future project coordinator Evan Endres of Bloomfield. "It's a word that you're going to hear a lot of in the years ahead."

But you can be ahead of the curve.

"This isn't future tense," Mr. Endres said. "These are people who live and work right here in Pittsburgh, and they've already taken this step and adopted a no-gasoline lifestyle.

"I think this is the first Pittsburgh gathering of production electric cars. We want other Pittsburghers to come out and hear 'What are the hurdles, what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages?' I suspect that this is going to become more of an appealing option to more Pittsburghers."

Mr. Endres, trying not to sound like a car salesman, ticks off the plus-side of driving an electric vehicle.

"It's important for numerous reasons," he said. "We can see at the gas pump right now, it is high time for some alternatives. Electric vehicles are one of those alternatives.

"It's fun because cars are cool. I'm a motorhead, and I love cars. But I don't just love the ones that run on gasoline. The new technology is fascinating to me.

"They're all beautiful pieces of engineering. It's a totally different driving experience. It's the feel. Because there's no gear box, you don't feel a shift. You just feel acceleration and deceleration. It's so fast and smooth. Your ability to get up to speed is remarkable."

The down-side?

"Sure, they are more expensive. But they're just like anything else. When the new technology comes out -- like cell phones, televisions, etc. …

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