Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Website Refines Thinking on Robots

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Website Refines Thinking on Robots

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In the 1920 science fiction play "R.U.R." by Czech playwright Karel Capek, robots created by the Rossum's Universal Robots Co. take over the world. The play introduced the word "robot" into the vocabulary, and since then the imagination has run wild about machine people.

A group of scientists, including two from Carnegie Mellon University, would like to help people refine their thinking about robotics beyond what they get in the popular press.

They have started, a website where scientists can comment on media stories about robots.

"Robohype is a real problem," said one of the website's founders, Alan Winfield, professor of electronic engineering, University of the West of England Bristol. "People reading the mainstream press could be forgiven for thinking that present day robots are capable of human reasoning, have feelings or behave ethically."

Another of the site's founding group, Illah Nourbakhsh, a CMU professor of robotics, got to meet a lot of Europeans in the field of robotics while on a sabbatical in England. "They were seeing more and more where science fiction about robots and reality collide," he said.

Matthew Mason, director of CMU's Robotics Institute, also scours the press for stories about robots and robotics.

Even though postings are written by experts, they try to keep the articles accessible and interesting.

For example, Mr. Nourbakhsh posted a reply to an article in The Wall Street Journal titled "Could We Trust Killer Robots?" about the possibility of robot soldiers.

In response to the idea that robots could one day make better soldiers than humans, Mr. Nourbakhsh wrote, "The draw is attractive: cold, calculating robots that are not susceptible to emotional sway will make lethal decisions that are highly rational and rule-based, following the letter of the law set down for them. …

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