Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)


Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)


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Dusk, the child on the shoulders,

tramping across the field of daisies

and clover to the pond where we toss

stale bread to the koi -- we crouch on the dock

and watch orange shards of light --

she reads to them aloud, her voice, soft,

interweaving with crickets and the full moon,

frogs croaking beneath the shadowed shore.

Or about those two horses grazing

the corner field each time we drive by.

I slow and stop and we roll down

our windows and stare into their gentle

faces, and name them: Magic is hers

and Bud is mine because those were the two

we rode one afternoon through the orchard,

me on Bud and her on Magic, both of us led

by Autumn, the college girl -- next time

we visited, they were gone, Magic and Bud

and Autumn, even the apple trees were stripped,

and so we pretend these two stallions

are those same two, imagining Autumn

stepping out in her riding boots and smile,

the one she wore when we knew her.

Or the fireworks, the thundering booms

trickling their colors and she asks where

they come from -- the green and the pink,

the blue and the red -- I wish I could answer,

I wish I could tell her where everything

comes from -- her, the night, that moment

of lit-up explosions, and how the streaks

linger through the starry dark until they disappear. …

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