Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

'The Maverick's Summer Love'

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

'The Maverick's Summer Love'

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"The Maverick's Summer Love" by Christyne Butler; Harlequin (2013), 224 pages, $5.50 (paperback)

The "mavericks" have moved to a different town, but they're still finding love.

Dean Pritchett traveled from Thunder Canyon (home of many blissfully happy newlyweds) to Rust Creek Falls to help restore the town after a devastating flood. (Fans of the long-going "Montana Mavericks" series may remember that event, which occurred in tandem with Collin Traub and Willa embarking on their own blissful journey of love.)

Dean is a quiet man, who enjoys construction work and really likes Rust Creek Falls. It reminds him of how his hometown of Thunder Canyon used to be. (Before everyone starting pairing up? Nah, he says he means before the resort starting bringing in tourists.)

Shelby is a hometown girl, who works in the local bar. She's just earned an education degree, and hopes to find a job teaching. In another town. A teen-age pregnancy left her with a daughter she totally adores, but also with a reputation that has lingered with her for years - and the accompanying nastiness from some nasty folks.

Dean walks into her bar one night (dragged by his playboy-ish brother Nick) and is instantly smitten.

Shelby, not so much so.

Shelby is determined not to be attracted to, intrigued by or interested in a man. That includes Dean. But Dean's sincerity, determination and steadiness ultimately win Shelby over.

Not without a few bumps along the way, though.

Shelby isn't the easiest heroine to like. While her prickliness may be understandable, the way she treats Dean is annoying - especially toward the end. Because while nice-guy Dean may understand why she unfairly casts blame on him, no one else would. She was simply a jerk.

But by the end, her prickliness is smoothed out somewhat, and it's nice to see her embark on her happily-ever-after with Dean. …

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