Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Bad Songs Say So Much

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Bad Songs Say So Much

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Blender declared it to be "We Built This City." Spinner said "Who Let the Dogs Out?" Rebecca Black's "Friday," if it can be counted, surely deserves a vote, in spite of the hilarity it provides.

So, what is the worst song of all time?

Prompted by Zac Brown's comment that Luke Bryan takes that dubious honor with "That's My Kind of Night," we threw out the question on Facebook and got some interesting responses from Pittsburgh musicians and music lovers.

* Joseph Dello Stritto, musician: " 'Rockstar,' Nickelback. That song makes me want to convulse."

* T Mitchell Bell, singer-songwriter: " '(You're) Having My Baby' by Paul Anka has to be it. 'The seed inside you/I see it showin' UGGH, was he high when he wrote this song? And he sings it like Sinatra impersonating Dylan? Yuck!"

* Greg Fleming, music blogger: "John Denver, 'Country Roads,' corniest and worst song I've ever heard."

* Ed Masley, musician and critic: " 'We Built This City' is, by far, the worst song ever. And it goes beyond their having written such an awful song. For me, the point of no return (which also [stinks]) is when they hit the chorus hook, in which they actually congratulate themselves on having built this city on rock 'n' roll. In a song that couldn't be less rock 'n' roll."

* Paul Carosi, writer: " 'Macarena.' It's nauseating."

* Ben Alper, singer-songwriter: " 'Accidental Racist' is the worst song I've ever heard. It takes a topic likely too big to cover in a song and glosses over the real issue with half-baked cliches that never equivocate or resonate with the listener."

* Jim Dunn, musician: "I don't think there's ever been a worse song than [Brad Paisley's] 'Accidental Racist.' A very close second for me would be 'Good Lovin' Gone Bad' by Bad Company."

* Jon Bindley Herward, singer-songwriter: "The Kid Rock song ('All Summer Long') where they sampled the 'Sweet Home Alabama' riff and then sang about the song 'Sweet Home Alabama. …

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