Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUTTING EDGE: New Ideas, Sharp Opinions [Derived Headline]

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From Pittsburgh's Spork in a Drawer blog: "Honestly, if there's a more unself-aware group on this planet ... in this universe, than modern American conservatives, I don't want to know about it."

Then comes this example, quoted from Talking Points Memo:

A new online web series from an anti-Obamacare group takes conservative/Republican scare tactics to a whole new extreme. One video, which almost plays like a mini-horror movie, portrays a young woman who has "signed up for Obamacare" and is visiting her gynecologist. As her real doctor leaves the room, with her in the stirrups, a person in an Uncle Sam mask pops up to take a look. "Don't let the government play doctor," the ad warns. "Opt out of Obamacare."

Spork is not amused: "Does government-mandated trans-vaginal ultrasounds ring a bell? And who, pray tell, is behind those?"


A troubling article at bears this cheery headline -- "Long-Range Forecast: Sunny Spell Will Wipe Out Life on Earth." No, the august British news source isn't borrowing from The National Enquirer or The Onion.

The piece says scientists estimate that great heat from the sun will make Earth uninhabitable in 3 billion years, give or take, and that a "journey to balmy Mars may be the best escape route." As the sun gobbles hydrogen at an increasingly furious rate, the heat from the star that once nurtured life on the blue planet will force Earthlings to consider a move to the red one.

"It will get progressively hotter and there's nothing we can do about it," says Andrew Rushby, whose specialty at the University of East Anglia is planet habitability. Though frigid now, Mars will be relatively balmy by then and will occupy a new "habitable zone." If water is discovered, it will mean a chance to keep humanity's story going -- if the story is still worth another chapter.


Global warming isn't the only thing being denied these days. Writing at, sports writer Joshua Holland tracks the right-wing meme that nanny-state liberals want to stifle the manly aggression of American football. …

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