Aristotle Made the Same Point

Article excerpt

Lately many have attempted to refute Bishop David Zubik's statement about marriage ("When Two Become One: Marriage, Separated From Procreation, Loses Its Meaning," Sept. 15 Forum). What about infertile couples? Those beyond childbearing age? And other arguments even sillier.

My son Paul says: "Dad, if you have to explain something like that, they still won't get it." But I will try, if not for them then for those who may be influenced by such weak thinking.

First, his is not a "religious" position. Aristotle (300 B.C.) was not a Christian. He was a scientist. So he wondered: What is the purpose of a sperm? Why is there a sperm? Or egg? Each by itself produces nothing. But united they produce a new and unique human person. Yes, there is also "pleasure" associated with sex. Why, he wondered. Pleasure is not a primary end. But it can bring and keep two persons, male and female, together to raise the children created. Now we all know that each of these ends can be frustrated by humans. Are frustrated. We also know that every sperm or egg does not create a new person. …


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