Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Silent Lions' 'Heavy Soul' Sound Coming to Bloomfield

Newspaper article Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)

Silent Lions' 'Heavy Soul' Sound Coming to Bloomfield

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Touring in a two-man act is a lot simpler than traveling with a busload of bandmates. There's less equipment, less drama.

But that isn't why Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein will be the only ones playing at Brillobox tonight. It's because they are Silent Lions, and they don't need anyone else to make their music.

Their sound is bass and drum - and a whole lot more. Mr. Klein, 30, provides the beat of the drums. Mr. Tartaglia, 23, comes at you with everything else as he "simultaneously plays effected octave bass, sampled synths, and [provides] manipulated atmospheric vocals."

That quote is from their publicist. This is what Mr. Tartaglia has to say for himself:

"I have a sampler, a bank of effects that I play with my right hand that I practice simultaneously," he said. "I've kind of found a system. I started working on the technical aspects of the band before we even started practicing or recording together. It took a lot of practice. It's almost like learning a new instrument.

"I'm employing the use of samples, kind of like a hiphop artist would. We're exploring. It's getting more soul-oriented as opposed to garage rock or straight-up rock and roll.

"Matt does a lot of singing, a lot of harmonizing and backing me up. The challenge is that we try to sound like a four-piece band even though there's only two of us. And it just works. It's always just worked. We've thought of the idea of adding someone else, but, for me, the group . what I enjoy the most about it is the challenge of the technique of playing all these parts simultaneously. Besides, as far as the practicality, touring with just two people is an easier situation."

He knows. As a former member of The Sights, Mr. Tartaglia traveled the U.S. and Europe in 2012 opening for Tenacious D. When he got back home to Toledo, Ohio, however, he had a different idea.

He wanted to experiment a bit.

"The first EP started as a solo project before I met Matt," Mr. Tartaglia said.

"The first batch of songs, I'd written and was looking for a drummer."

It clicked. In fact, it made all kinds of noises, most of it provided by Mr. …

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