California; Massachusetts; MICHIGAN; PENNSYLVANIA; MARYLAND; NORTH CAROLINA ; NRCC Makes Small Ad Buy against McNerney; Kennedy III Formally Launching Bid Today; UAW Backs Gary Peters over Hansen Clarke; Critz Poll Shows Him Down 10 Points; Delaney on the Air in 6th District Race; Virginia Foxx Gives Nod to Richard Hudson

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The National Republican Congressional Committee is launching a Valentine's Day-themed ad today that ties a California Democrat to President Barack Obama and Solyndra, the failed solar-power company.

The ad against Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) will air on cable for the next two weeks. The NRCC spent a total of $6,175 in the San Francisco and Sacramento media markets.

"McNerney backed Obama's plan feeding half a billion to Solyndra, the solar company that was heading for bankruptcy," the ad's announcer says as a picture of McNerney appears within a red heart.

The ad also states that a Solyndra investor donated money to the campaigns of both McNerney and Obama, and that, "Apparently, money can buy you love."

This is at least the second such ad the NRCC has run in the state after airing a similar one in October against Rep. John Garamendi (D). McNerney and Garamendi are running in two of at least a half- dozen districts in the state the NRCC is targeting.

McNerney was the only person able to flip the partisan control of a California district in the past decade. McNerney is a little safer in the redrawn 9th district, but he faces a well-funded opponent in law student Ricky Gill.

Joseph Kennedy III, the son of former Rep. Joe Kennedy (D) and grandson of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy (D-N.Y.), will announce his bid for Congress in the 4th district today, a campaign source confirmed to Roll Call.

He announced an exploratory committee last month and just about cleared the Democratic primary field for the open seat, currently held by retiring Rep. Barney Frank (D).

Kennedy will likely face 2010 GOP nominee Sean Bielat in November, but recent polls have shown the scion of the Massachusetts political dynasty with a huge lead.

Roll Call rates the race as Safe Democratic.

Rep. Gary Peters has won a key endorsement in his race against Rep. Hansen Clarke for the 14th district. Members of the United Auto Workers have decided to back Peters in the Member-vs.-Member Democratic primary.

"As a Member of Congress, Gary Peters has shown tremendous leadership and courage by leading the fight for the automotive industry, including his work to secure the auto loans which saved over a million American automotive jobs," said Chuck Hall, director of UAW Region 1.

The man who wins the Democratic nomination will almost assuredly win the seat in November. The two Members will face each other because Michigan lost a seat in reapportionment.

Roll Call rates this race as Safe Democratic.

Rep. Mark Critz's (D) campaign released an internal polling memo Wednesday that showed him trailing his opponent, Rep. Jason Altmire (D), by 10 points.

Altmire led Critz 47 percent to 37 percent in the survey.

Keystone State Republicans moved Critz and Altmire into the same southwestern district when they redrew the Congressional map last year. …


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