Romney Camp Cites 2006 JCT Study to Tout Tax Plan : Roll Call Politics

Article excerpt

The Romney campaign is highlighting a 2006 Joint Committee on Taxation analysis of a tax plan that would eliminate most tax breaks while lowering tax rates to bolster its claims that the GOP presidential nominee's plan would boost economic growth.

A Romney campaign aide said via email that the campaign is highlighting the JCT analysis, flagging a blog post by the Tax Foundation, to show how a "Romney-style tax plan" could bolster growth and not as an example of the specific tax plan Romney would seek to enact.

That JCT study predicted that revenue-neutral tax reform would increase economic growth. And the plan has similarities to Romney's proposal. The plan studied by the committee lowered the top rate to 26.8 percent, versus 28 percent for Romney, and kept preferential rates on capital gains and dividends. Romney would keep existing rates for the highest-earning taxpayers and eliminate taxes on that investment income for taxpayers with less than $200,000 in income.

The 2006 JCT study projected 0. …


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